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Get Top 3 Google Maps Rankings In 90 Days Or Less – Guaranteed Or It’s Free!

For the last year, we’ve ranked 9 out of 10 local businesses in the Top 3 of Google Maps on Page #1 of Google. If we can’t create a top 3 ranking for you in the maps in the first 90 days of working together, we’ll work for free for up to another 30 days to get you there.

Results You Can Count On For Your Business

Imagine your local business outranking all your competitors and never letting your competitors take another customer from you again. That’s what can happen when you outrank your competitors in the map pack/Google Maps!

Put The Only US Based Guaranteed Google Maps Company To Work For You

Discover why Performance Local is the ONLY GMB specialty company in the US offering guaranteed performance within 90 days or we work for free!

How it Works

  • Getting Started

    Choose the desired keyword and city you want to rank in Google Maps (GMB).

  • On-Boarding & Optimization

    We immediately begin working on your campaign where we optimize your GMB profile, make posts, build links and more!

  • Ongoing Progress Reporting

    We will share a monthly progress report via email where you can track the weekly progress and results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

$1,500 for the first 60 days plus a one-time setup fee of $500. We guarantee your satisfaction in the first 30 days of the campaign with the optimizations and progress we've made or we'll refund your money minus a negligible process fee. 

Google Maps results (aka 'organic search engine optimization') are generally seen in the first 60-90 days with maximum results seen 4-6 months in. Some listings rank faster than others. We send bi-weekly progress reports to you regarding your campaign every 30 days.

We offer bi-weekly reports showing you the Google Maps optimizations efforts.

We focus on one primary keyword at a time and add additional keywords as each one ranks (limit 3 in a 6-month period at our discretion).

The Google maps product/service works on a proximity basis, which means they like showing you to people closest to your business. The further away people get from a business, the more difficult it is to rank them. Typically we rank people in a 3-5 mile radius surrounding their location, but sometimes it can go as far as 10-12 miles.

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