Big Cat Habitat Gulf Coast Sanctuary


The founder of Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary, Kay Rosaire has been providing a safe haven for exotic animals since 1987. The non-profit sanctuary is home to dozens who found themselves without homes or locations in need like Big Cats do not usually belong when it comes down from their natural habitat being destroyed which can happen often enough because humans don’t always know how much damage they’re causing until it’s too late! In addition this organization strives towards educating people on animal care while also working hard at conservation efforts throughout eastern Sarasota County.

Kay Lionheart, founder of Big Cat Habitat has been saving big cats for over 30 years. The non-profit organization now houses more than 100 different species in need (mostly illegal)of a permanent home; they provide education on how you can help preserve their habitat while also imparting importance about these magnificent creatures.

Kay Rosaire is an 8th generation animal trainer from one of England’s most respected families. She started her own horse riding academy when she was just 14, and with over 50 horses in training it became clear that this would not be low key work for long.

Kay, a former entertainer who retired from the industry to dedicate herself full time toward saving big cats and other exotic animals in need of safe homes. She speaks at conferences about conservation initiatives for this majestic species while educating visitors on their preservation efforts through Kay’s Big Cat Habitat sanctuary located along Florida’s Gulf Coast where they can see lions up close or learn how she cares deeply for these magnificent creatures by reading letters aloud every day!

A commitment beyond measure – Kay’s dedication ranges past 20+ decades so that each animal may live as naturally healthy & complicated beings.

The residents of the large indoor/outdoor housing complexes have a variety for playing and exercising. They can enjoy swimming in their respective pools, as well as toys that will keep them entertained from morning until nightfall.

We care for animals with a passion, and we want to share their joys as well as sorrows. It is our mission not only in this world but also among human beings – so that generations from now will be able to hear about how amazing these creatures are just like we do today.

When you visit us, please stop and say “thank you” to our small staff of dedicated volunteers. Without their help Big Cat Habitat could not do what they do!