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Google Maps is without a doubt one of the most powerful high converting tools you could have for your business in 2021 and beyond. Consumers LOVE Google Maps because they are trustworthy, quick & easy to use, and best of all convert better than any other marketing modality online today.

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Imagine your local business outranking all your competitors and never letting your competitors take another customer from you again. That’s what can happen when you outrank your competitors in the map pack/Google Maps!

Learn how the pro’s optimize and rank Google Maps fast all over the world in Google Maps Accelerator course.

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How it Works

  • Getting Started

    Get instant 24/7 access to the Google Maps Accelerator training course with 3 modules and 25+ over the shoulder training videos walking you through the exact steps necessary to rank in Google Maps.

  • On-Boarding & Optimization

    Learn how to optimize your GMB profile, make posts, build links and more!

  • See Ongoing Progress

    Learn how to track and monitor the keywords most important to your business using the software we use in-house for our SEO agency!

Maps Accelerator Course Content:

3 Modules covering every thing you’ll need to master Google Maps optimization:

Module #1:
  What Kind of Businesses Are Best For GMB Services
How To Price GMB Services
GMB Frequently Asked Questions

Module #2:
Ranking Overview
GMB Listing Optimization
NAP Consistency
GMB Posting
GMB + Organic Rank Tracking
Content Relevance and Site Mirroring
Google My Maps
Difference Between GMB Listings And My Maps
Google Stack Build Outs
How To Assess A GMB Listing & Get Support From Google
And More!…

Module #3:
Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions:

We suggest starting with one or two keywords the first month and gradually expand from there.

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