Myakka River State Park


Myakka River State Park is a 58 square mile treasure trove for nature lovers. The majestic Myakkabawashee river flows through this vast expanse, making it one of Florida’s oldest and largest parks.

A scene worthy of Discovery channel’s “The Wild Side,” is what you will find in this natural wonder. Arching palm trees and live oaks reflect themselves on a winding tea-colored stream as cries from limpkins fill the air, together with those by osprey who soar overhead; alligators lazily sunning themselves near logs or riverbanks add another layer to their underwater world that fisherman must be aware when passing through it during low tide!

The Myakka River is a pristine natural resource that flows through Florida’s first state-designated wild and scenic river, where visitors can explore miles of trails or take to the water while fishermen cast their lines.

The hydrologic restoration project of the Upper Myakka Lake will begin on Feb 9th and is expected to be completed by April. During this time there are reduced parking spaces available at our main lot but if you plan ahead we highly recommend parking’s spots around town where pricing typically isn’t higher than what’s offered here! The trails near these structures may also become closed off so please keep an eye out for signs before walking too far into restricted areas.

The water levels in the lake and river areas are very low right now. This makes it difficult for boat tours, so they haven’t run any yet this season! The ramp at our park is also closed – if you’re planning on launching your vessel from there with trailers attached then please call ahead before coming over because we’ll need help carrying those things across land (andRiver). There will be portaging required throughout much of Markham Bayou Park but fortunately most sections have been mapped out by experts who know what needs attention first should anything happen.

We are so excited to have you stay with us! We want your experience at our cabin to be perfect, and there’s one way we can ensure that – by providing the necessary kitchenware. It may seem like an extra step but it will make life easier on both of us if you just bring along whatever pots or pans that would suit what cooking requirements might arise while here (we’ve got plenty). If not able-bodied enough for this task yourself though….just let me know beforehand; I’ll get those items delivered straight over from town before check in time begins each day.