Google Maps Optimization Services (only)

Thank you for choosing Magnosi Enterprises Inc. doing business as ‘Performance Local’ to provide Google Maps marketing services. We are excited to work with you to increase your marketing reach.

THIS AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”), is entered into on the date of purchase by said customer and between Magnosi Enterprises Inc. DBA ‘Performance Local’ AKA ‘Performance Local’, a Sarasota Florida Company, with a mailing address of 2853 Midnight Pearl Drive, and said customer (collectively, the “Parties”).


The Customer and Performance Local agree as follows:

1. Services

A. As part of the one-time optimization services over the next 5 days, Performance Local will provide:

i. Optimize the customers’ local listings, and Google Business profile (GBP aka Google maps, Google My Business page) listing creating content, backlinks and general optimization services
ii. Email and phone support M-F 9-5 ET
iii. 24-48 hour turnaround response time during normal business hours

2. Customer Requirements

Customer agrees to the following terms for delivery and review of materials.

A. Provide Google My Business ‘manager’ level access to one of the following email addresses within 3 business days of successful payment (You will be notified within 72 hours of payment which email address you need to share access with):

3. Compensation and Payment

A. Customer will pay to Performance Local on a one-time basis for optimization services online.

RIGHT TO CANCEL: The Customer has the right to cancel this agreement until midnight of the third (3rd) full business day. Customer may cancel this agreement by emailing a written notice to Performance Local ( before midnight of the third business day.

4. Term. This Agreement will commence on the effective date first set forth above and will continue for a maximum period of 60 days, and then will terminate. Customer may choose to continue monthly optimization services at $297 per month on a month to month basis if they want, by emailing Performance Local’s support or by calling us at 315-741-2066, otherwise service will terminate servcie at the end of day 5.

If customer wishes to continue the service on a monthly basis, they may at anytime terminate the agreement via email or phone call and no further billing will be occur.

5. Performance Local agrees to work towards increasing and expanding customer’s reach online  in their geographic radius while cleaning up and maintaining local listings as well as submitting to voice search engines. Client agrees to get Performance Local’s support team the three ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ information in a timely manner

The Performance Local Team