Marie Selby Botanical Gardens


If you’re looking for a place to take it easy and escape from the hustle of life, head on over to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. The 15-acre grounds are home not only to several sitting areas but also provide stunning views that will make your heart skip a beat or two! You can explore this beautiful spot by taking one hour walking trails through mangroves forests where there’s plenty more wildlife than people (which might be good since they don’t hassle often).

Visitors to the Botanical Garden will be overwhelmed by one of Earth’s most spectacular displays and collections. The orchids, bromeliads (a type of plant), bamboo ferns and cycad are just some examples that can be found here; all have been imported from around the world! There even exist magnificent old trees such as those over 100 years old – proof how well rooted this place really is in nature itself.

The kids will love the koi pond and butterfly garden, but we recommend that you make sure they stay away from any wildlife. There are hanging bridges for them to cross over waterfalls as well as an Amazon village with interactive games inside! If your child is looking rather bored after touring this area then head on down towards our elevated rainforest where there’s plenty more flora waiting just below ground level – including giant trees huge toss branches which provide breathtaking views up high in between their canopy leaves without ever having been touched by human hands (or feet). And lastly stop off at one of many souvenir shops nearby before leaving; maybe purchase something special representing each day spent here?

Head south to the Historic Spanish Point Campus in Osprey for a glimpse into Florida’s natural history.

With plans for a new research center, archive facilities and other renovations underway at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens; there is no better time than now to visit this historic landmark in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood.

In phase 1 of our three phase plan includes construction on an 88 thousand square foot garage that will provide spaces both indoors as well outdoors where visitors can enjoy their meal while watching vehicles drive overhead or take advantage of some green space right next door!  The second component involves restoring what was once owned by one prominent family back when it first opened its doors way over 100 years ago – mansions.