Save Our Birds


The mission of this non-profit is to rescue and rehabilitate sick or injured birds, while educating our community about avoiding these types of injuries. We release as many who can be released back into the wild so they may live their lives free from rehabilitation centers like ours.

The Wild Bird Learning Center is a Living Museum where we specialize in rehabilitating and releasing injured or sick birds. Every year, over 5 thousand callers report injuries to us–we work hard at rehabilitation so that all of them can be released back into their natural habitats.

We are proud to be a part of the ethical tourism movement, and we want you not only to experience our natural beauty but also learn about sustainability while doing so.

A certified member in good standing with Florida Society for Ethical Ecotourism (Gold Level) as well TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence winner – what more can one ask from their weekend getaway.

We’re the only avian clinic in Southwest Florida dedicated to caring for wild birds, and providing them with permanent homes. With our help you can release or rescue any captured wildlife from your garden without fear.

The best way to launch your child’s outdoor education program is with our fully accredited field trips. We offer variety in the outdoors and introduce children of all ages – K through 12th grade-to a wide range of activities such as hiking, kayaking or camping! If you’re looking for preteens who would love an adventure this summer go on one trip with us; if they are too young we also host classes at Sarasota County Park & Recreation Department’s Summer Camp which offers exciting programs including archery tackle box building workshops where kids get hands-on experience using tools related skill sets while learning new skills like tying knots using Bowfin fishing line food preservation method fire starting spotlight repair.

The wild bird sanctuary is a nonprofit organization that takes in injured birds and gives them safe homes to live out their days. Some of these creatures have been saved by other organizations, but Knowles’ Seabirds have found their own way caring for this flock as if it were ours.

Save Our Seabirds Internships are the perfect opportunity for college students and recent graduates to gain valuable hands-on experience in avian rehabilitation, conservation education services. interns will closely shadow employees of SOS as they learn about how our organization works while gaining practical skills like caring for sick or injured wild birds

The Save Our Seabirds internship program allows those who want a career change an opportunity that isn’t available elsewhere: intensive training with qualified professionals right here at home!